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Albany, Georgia's Courthouses

Georgia county courthouses stand at the center of the town square. When driving by a courthouse in a small Georgia town, one can feel the heartbeat of its surrounding community. The county courthouse is central to a community’s life--performing marriages, divorces and adoptions, probating wills, filing deeds, trying those accused of crimes and many other vital functions. County courthouses even naturalized new citizens before the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was created in 1906. Each Dougherty County courthouse reflected its community and its times. Join us as we find out more about them.

Ballard Normal School : Student Life in the 1930s

This exhibit examines a seldom researched segment of the African American school: student life.  We will examine the programs and activities that Ballard Normal School principal Mr. Raymond G. Von Tobel put in place starting in the 1920s and continued until the school closed in 1942.

Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, GA

Central State Hospital, once the world’s largest mental hospital, has had a profound impact on mental health services in Georgia. However, the local community of Milledgeville, though benefiting economically from its presence, has rarely engaged with the historical and social role of the hospital.

Columbus, Georgia: Hear Us Talking

This exhibition aims to educate our community on the history of Columbus by using historical items held by the Digital Library of Georgia. The project team wanted to use these items to tell stories of traditionally marginalized peoples in our community's history. In addition, we hope to engage and inspire our residents by inviting them to submit items for digitization in conjunction with Chattahoochee Valley Libraries and the Digital Library of Georgia so that we may provide further access to local history and preserve it for future generations.

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Rituals of Wartime Labor in Brunswick, Georgia

"Rituals of Wartime Labor in Brunswick, Georgia" features photographs documenting the wartime industrial effort at the J.A. Jones Construction Shipyard to build and launch Liberty Ships used to transport supplies to Allied troops in Europe.

Hyman Wallace Witcover: Designer of Savannah's Architectural Jewels

Savannah has had a bevy of talented architects through the years, including William Jay, John Norris, Henrik Wallin, Gottfried Normann, and William Preston. One of Savannah’s most prolific and versatile architects was the estimable Hyman Wallace Witcover, who designed such significant and historic buildings as the Savannah Public Library and Savannah’s City Hall. His work included many types of structures, from public buildings to places of worship to private houses. He also embraced many styles, including Neoclassical, Gothic Revival, and Beaux-Arts. The purpose of this exhibit is to highlight some of Witcover’s most significant Savannah buildings. It is our hope that we convey the importance of Witcover’s contributions to the architectural fabric of Savannah.