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A quilt by Cathy Fussell featuring the banks of Snake Shoals on Chattahoochee River.

Snake Shoal, the location depicted on the quilt, is an s-bend in the Chattahoochee River located about 20 miles south of Columbus, Georgia, on the northern border of Russell and Stewart County. For further reading on the subject, check out the following resources:

Muscogiana: Spring 2019, Volume 30, Number 1

  • The Muscogiana is the journal of the Muscogee Genealogical Society.
  • You can access this issue from Columbus State University from the following link: Muscogiana via Columbus State University
  • You can view it at the Columbus Public Library Genealogy and Local History Room

Bartram's Travels by William Bartram - a book by naturalist William Bartram describing his travels through the South from 1773 to 1777.

The Tie-Snake Legend by Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar - a legend documented in the diary of Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar on June 23, 1828. 

This So Remote Frontier: the Chattahoochee Country of Alabama and Georgia by Mark Fretwell - Fretwell's account of the history of Georgia and Alabama where the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries run.