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The transformation of the Brunswick shipyard workforce began with a process initiated by site managers Emil Kratt and John D. Pellett to fire ten percent of the workforce, which was chosen according to the directions to "Fire those you find not working." Counterintuitively, this process continued to improve the shipyard's productivity until the workforce was reduced by 30 percent. Rather than demoralize the workforce, those who remained employed viewed themselves as the chosen whose performance was being rewarded.

And a Child Shall Lead Them

In this photograph, a young child stands on a podium to help conduct a band during the launching of the Henry W. Grady Victory Ship. Shipyard workers, as evidenced by members of the band wearing hard hats, could play an additional role in the overall effort to celebrate productivity. In fact, management at J.A. Jones Construction would often schedule impromptu concerts which could be enjoyed in person or over the loudspeakers throughout the shipyard.

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