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It has been estimated that as many as 16,000 workers and their families came to Brunswick, Georgia, during this period and temporarily tripled the population of the city to nearly 65,000. In many ways, the shipyard became the cultural hub of the city during the war years as it was the common thread uniting the disparate lives of this boomtown population.

Team Players

The national pastime of baseball experienced some temporary modifications during the war years, but it did not go away. Pictured here is the J.A. Jones Construction Company baseball team assembled on the ball field for a team photograph. The team is dressed in pinstriped uniforms; most read "Jones Const. Co.," but several have the letter "B" on the left lapel. There are covered stands behind the players, where an audience has gathered to watch the team. By sponsoring a baseball team, Jone Construction was able to remind the entire community that even during the fun and games, the construction of Liberty Ships for the war effort did not cease.

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