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Georgia's county courthouses stand at the center of each town square.  When driving by a courthouse in a small Georgia town, one can feel the heartbeat of its surrounding community.  The county courthouse is central to a community’s life--performing marriages, divorces and adoptions, probating wills, administering estates, filing deeds and trying those accused of crimes.  Teachers took their license examinations in county courthouses, and new citizens were naturalized there before the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was created in 1906.  Each courthouse reflected both its community and times.  Courthouses are essential in a society governed by the rule of law.  Dougherty County's courthouses provide the foundation for the rule of law in Albany.  Join us as we find out more about them.

                                                                        "Courthouses are essential in a society governed by the rule of law."

               First County Courthouse     Second County Courthouse     Third County Courthouse     Post Office and Federal Courtroom     C.B. King U.S. Courthouse