Ballard Cammarian Club

The Ballard Cammarian Club was created around 1928 to foster school spirit and student friendliness. Together, the students read the stories and articles by the best writers of the past and present. One of the group's greatest accomplishments was the discussion of classroom problems and providing remedies that aided the faculty. It helped new and out of town students to adjust to the school and the city.  Teachers appreaciated the efforts of the club to improve communication between the faculty, the students, and parents. One major incentive was the improvement of  the campus; even during the summer students would help maintian the grounds.

Mr. Raymond G. Von Tobel, an alumnus of Brown University, fostered this group that was modeled after the Cammarian Club at Brown University.

The Cammarian Club had competition from the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y program which overshadowed it because of its popularity and connection to other schools. But the Cammarian Club was resilient and continued work towards its main purpose to Build a Better Ballard.