In the midst of the Great Depression of the 1930s, sending a child to a private school was not an easy decision. In addition to the primary concern of tuition and fees, academics and student activities were taken into consideration. Parents of prospective students would contact the school and receive a brochure giving them information about the school. 


 As a private school, tuition had always been charged, but it was never enough to cover all the expenses of the school. Fundraisers for scholarships were a constant project of the Ballard Alumni Association. These scholarships were given to those students who were unable to pay the entire amount.
In the 1930s, tuition cost was as follows: 
•    9th through 12th grades    $ 3.00 a month
•    7th and 8th grades   $ 2.50 a month
•    5th and 6th grades   $ 2.00 a month
•    3rd and 4th grades   $ 1.50 a month
•    1st and 2nd grades   $ 1.00 a month

Special Fees 

  • Athletic fees were charged according to grade levels:
    • 3rd through 8th - 5 cents per month
    • 9th through 12th - boys 15 cents per month and girls 10 cents per month
  • Diploma Fee
    • $1.00 required for all members of the graduating classes


Ballard was continuously on the list of accredited high schools in the State of Georgia since 1923. In 1934, it was accorded a similar honor by the Southern Association of College and Secondary Schools.