Student Life in the 1930's

Students were afforded membership in a number of organizations and clubs including the Athletic Council, the Baron Social Club, the Bird Study Club, the Drama Club, French Club, the Gigolo Social Club, the Good English Club, the Honor Club, and the Literary Club, as well as various community service opportunities. 

The French Club or Le Cercle Francais was organized in December of 1933. All students in the second year of French with a "B" average were invited to join. The students developed monthly programs focusing on developing an appreciation for all things French including the language, food, and architecture. The Bird Study Club was sponsored by Lewis and Berle Mounts who took students around the countryside looking for and recording different species of birds. They even ventured out to Brown's Mount and the swamp.

To broaden their horizons students were exposed to a multitude of off campus activities. In 1934, students and faculty attended an art exhibit at Wesleyan College Conservatory to view Italian paintings. In 1935, they attended a speech given by Congressman Arthur Wergs Mitchell, the only African American in Congress at that time.  The headline in the Ballardite student newspaper read: "Race Congress Man to Speak at Municipal Auditorium. "

The school sponsored clubs and their initial advisors were:

Ballard Cammarrian Club - Raymond G. Von Tobel
Ballard Student Council - Raymond G. Von Tobel
The Hi-Y Club - Lewis Mounts
The Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Club - Mrs. Berle Mounts
The Beta Tri-Hi-Y Club - Miss. Helen Foss

Here are brief summaries about the clubs and school sponsored activities.