Girl Sports

Basketball was the one sport that girls could participate in completing against other schools in Georgia; usually in doubleheaders games with girls playing before the boys teams. Unfortunately, not all the schools had girl teams so they did not get to play as many games nor the variety of schools as the boys. For instance in the May 28, 1936 Ballrdite, the sports coulmn talked about the boys played 9 games and lost only 1.  But the girls were only able to play two games and won 1. In 1937, the girls were able to play 5 games and won 3.  

There is an exhibit on the Black Fives Foundation website entitled Women’s History Month: Unidentified Black Hoops Team Photos: The Black Fives Foundation.  As you look through the site you will see a picture of the Ballard Girls’ Basketball team with Mr. Barrow standing in the line with them and one girl holding a Ballard pennant.  It is labeled 1910. But if you look closely at the basketball you will see it says 1923.  The girls also played other sports in the intercampus league and in the Macon Playground Association tournaments.

Pictures: At the top are two players Dorothy and Minnie relaxing and on the left is a 1920s style uniform, on the right is the team posing for the camera.  The letter below is from the girl's uniforms on the right.