Ballard Student Council

The first council included Joe Bailey (President), Robert Brown (Vice President), Christine Russell (Treasurer), Sarah Leslie (Secretary and Reporter), Harriett School (Assistant Secretary and Reporter).  Members at large were Louis Bivins; Blanton Black, Everett Bowen, Kathleen Cook, Louise Dallas, Moneta Dallas, Naomi Lucas, and Geraldine Smith.

The first Student Council was organized and elected in 1933. The council pledged themselves to try to accomplish goals impossible to the faculty alone.

 "To try to secure the co-operation of every Ballard boy and girl in striving for right conduct, not from fear of punishment but for the sake of right itself. We must have a bigger and better Ballard." 

Among their first goals were how to raise money for the Lincoln Drive, address how to improve campus grounds, building, and life, and consider how to organize a high school chorus.

The council would eventually expand to include representatives from each grade, allowing full student representation.